The subject of taking back our power usually seeps in to every class we teach at Ezra’s. This concept is a huge part of why we are in business and specifically why we are committed to teaching monthly classes.

While food might not be EVERYTHING when it comes to happiness, health and quality of life, it certainly plays a big roll in our lives. Most if not all of you reading this (at least based on the fact that you have access to internet)have the privilege of eating 2-3 meals a day. This means we have that many opportunities to choose wellbeing over something else. To sit down to a meal is a chance for us to choose a higher vibration.

Taking back our Independence from Ezras Cafe on Vimeo.

If you are following this blog, chance are you have a good idea of what kind of eating we promote. Simply it is this ~ FOOD. We are talking about FRESH VIBRANT plants ~ that do not include chemicals to be grown or chemicals added later for flavor, preservatives and the like.

Foods that come with packaging that requires labeling will always leave you in a place of needing to make a decision ~ what are these ingredients and are they something I want in my body? Even scarier is when we grab something from the shelf without looking at the ingredients. This is what I’m talking about in the video above. Putting OUR POWER into the hands of a CORPORATION.

When one of those huge corporations creates the latest and greatest candy bar, cracker or cereal, are they thinking about you and your family’s health? I think you know the answer. My next question is this. Are you comfortable allowing a corporation to decide what is going into your body or your spouse our child’s body?

One of the easiest ways to take back our power is to start shopping LESS AT GROCERY STORES AND MORE AT FARMERS MARKETS AND FROM YOUR SMALL ORGANIC LOCAL FARMER. Or better yet, GROW YOUR OWN!

We vote with our dollar. When we shop we are telling the companies and ourselves what we hold sacred. When we use money or time as a reason not to buy fresh organic or non-chemical foods we are communicating money is more important than our health and our health is not worth our time. I know every situation is different and I am very aware of the struggles so many folks have with finding a way to afford eating healthy or finding the time in their busy days. This blog post is meant to be an inspiration. Small baby steps are wonderful.We don’t have to make a huge sweeping change overnight. It’s the small changes and decisions that add up to life changing and life affirming outcomes.

So! How to get started? Find out what is available locally in your area as far as farmers markets and folks growing and selling clean food. Do you have some space where you can plant a few things to start growing yourself?

Here in Indianapolis, we have the Indy Local Food Guide – an AMAZING resource.

Also, the Clean 15/Dirty Dozen list is super helpful when you have limited access to organic or are on a budget and need to decide on only one or a few items that can be organic.

When we support local and clean food, we support independence, a higher sense of well-being and in a nutshell, we support LIFE.


Chef Audrey


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