Farrah & Nathan

“Everyone please read!!!!!!!! There is not enough positive things I can say here! My husband and I have been going to Ezra’s for the last 6ish months. I was diagnosed 15 months ago with an aggressive form of breast cancer. We dramatically changed our diets. All vegan(except for the occasional cheese treat;) ) and all organic. Finding a suitable place to eat was hard until we came here.

We drive right at about an hour to eat here. And it is worth the drive!!! Some mornings I love to just jump in my car and grab a carrot muffin and tea. Other days I bring in my non-vegan friends to show off what good food really is! They never leave dissatisfied!

6 days ago I had a long, major surgery. Over 100 stitches. I was told it would be a 6-12 hour surgery. I knew I had to prepare my body and mind before. We hired Chef Audrey for the 5 days before and 5 days after. So, we we’re beyond SHOCKED when the surgery time was only 5.5 hours and I was able to leave the hospital 3 days post opp when we were told it would me a minimum of 5-10 days!!!! Audrey was flexible on helping us get what I could eat to help heal my body with proper nutrition.

Jennifer was excellent with making sure we were pleased and calling to check on us. Wow!!!! The love and positive vibes were amazing. Folks, I’m not claiming that this is a “cure” as I am not a doctor and we have a long road ahead of us. But what I am saying is that these people love what they do!!! You feel it and see it when you walk in. They aren’t fake. They know us by name. They ask about us. They love, they dance, sing, and make us laugh!!

I cannot thank them enough. Seriously. We had no idea about the impact of food on our bodies until we started digging deep. So, Audrey and staff, thank you! I know it’s not even sufficient enough of a word but thank you. We are truly blessed!!! We are lifetime customers. So, if you want the best food in Indiana that fuels your body, THIS is the place!! Much love and thanks to all of you! ??”

Farrah and Nathan Engle


Customer and owner of Body Sculpture in Indianapolis tried two months of our Enlightened Meal Plan. This is what he had to say:

“After taking part in the Enlightened Meal Plan, I realized I was eating way too much food in the past. By eating less and more nutrient dense foods, it was fantastic for me and made me feel great.

Allowing myself to enjoy this plant based program, helped me realize that I can really nourish myself on a plant based diet and feel really great. I don’t need the chicken, fish and turkey like I used to think I did.

It’s not that I had more energy after eating this program but I would say I have more AVAILABILITY AND USE of the energy my body creates. My body wasn’t spending so much time digesting animal products and highly processed foods and it felt great.

I liked the simplicity of the program. The meals and drinks were labeled for me with the times and I followed that schedule closely.

I like the variety of foods on the program. It was well balanced.

I went to eating about 12% fiber in a day to maybe 70% fiber per day through all the vegetables I was taking in on the program. It helped my body release so much. I LOST WEIGHT AND I AM SLEEPING BETTER.

Audrey met with me at the beginning and treated me like an individual and didn’t try to fit me into their mold. Audrey gave me references for books and resources to help me further my journey.

As a person who is an athlete and a fitness trainer, I feel this program is great for people with major fitness and athletic goals.

Doing this meal plan was a LIFE CHANGING event for me.”

Contact Jody for fitness training! 850 E 86th Street, Ste 5, Indy 46240, 317-848-1007

As Told By Indy

“The menu at Ezra’s is filled with vibrant, high-energy foods such as the very popular entree, the Buddha Bowl. This bowl, which is a lot like a salad, contains the most delicious kale one could ever ask for, massaged with Chef Audrey’s own organic local raw honey recipe! The bowl also contains local organic greens, organic carrots, organic beets, organic ginger, fermented veggies, local organic sprouts, slices of fresh avocado, and even raw falafels! All topped with Ezra’s delicious lemon tahini dressing. The presentation of the food at Ezra’s is just as thoughtful as the ingredients themselves…..” Read more.

Brian M (Yelp review)

Ezra's Enlightened Cafe - Indianapolis, IN, United States. Thai Mung Bean Salad

“This place is great. I love food without chemicals. I love whole foods where I know all the ingredients. Therefore, I love eating at Ezra’s.

It is a small place in Broad Ripple. There is a cooler with to go items you can just grab. Or order at the counter. Seating is small, but not generally an issue.

It is a fun and healthy place to go.

There are the standards like my favorite- the Buddha Bowl. There is also a special. This is something they whip up for a few days, then it’s gone (at least for a while).

Desserts – my favorite is the chocolate chip cookie.

I have yet to try the smoothie with coffee in it. When I do, I will update this review, but the other smoothies are great.”

Mary T (Yelp review)

“Full disclosure, in the past year I’ve adopted a plant based lifestyle also referred to as that dirty little v word….veganism! With that being said, Ezra’s isn’t some hippy wheat grass shot shop where the food is bland and boring which is the impression I had in my former life as a carnivore and the main reason for not discovering this little gem sooner! So you think raw food meant kale salads and spinach smoothies? Think again!

Ezra’s makes everything from breakfast bagels with fermented veg, avo, cashew cheez, and sprouts providing a hearty and delicious breakfast that will make you question why you didn’t order 2 to rich chocolate brownies that satisfy any sweet tooth. But for those of us who do enjoy a green juice from time to time they offer a plethora of fresh cold pressed juices and elixirs. Did I mention that they grow some of their own veggies?

Located off the beaten path in Broad Ripple, Ezra’s will refresh your body and delight your senses. It’s a restaurant with a purpose and incredible health conscious food to feed your body, mind, and soul.”

Niki K (Yelp review)

“Thank you Ezra’s for being hip and healthy at the same stinkin’ time. My go-to is the Buddha Bowl but I want to try the carrot spice muffins. Somehow, this place makes healthy food tasty and I appreciate that! The staff are super chill, and although it’s a small space, it’s a good place to study. I loveeee when it’s nice out and you can sit outside on their adorable patio. The outdoor wall mural brings out the hippie nature of Broad Ripple and I feel plain cool going here.”

Paige Rittgers (Facebook)

“I started coming to Ezra’s when I felt a head cold coming on. I took their immune boosting shot every day and I firmly believe it cut the life of my cold in half!!!

Since then I have been in to try many of their menu items but their pizza is hands down my favorite. Thank you for all you do!! :)”

Annemarie Polizzi (Facebook)

“Great little place in the heart of Broad Ripple. Crowded on the weekend but a nice atmosphere. The food was great, I had the Buddha bowl and hazelnut chocolate cake, both were amazing and filling! I have celiac disease and honestly, this has been the first place in 2 years where I had no worry when ordering and eating…made me feel like I used to when I could order anything I wanted without a care! Thank you for that freedom and for providing a safe and healthy environment!”