In light of COVID-19 and wanting to keep our community safe, we will not be gathering live for this class, and all those who signed up will be given the option for a refund. However, we WILL offer this class online FREE to all via live stream on the Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe Facebook page.

Cooking with medicinal foods is more important now than ever, so we want to open that opportunity up to more than just those who originally signed up for the class. Feel free to share this link with your friends.

We are a small business and will inevitably be impacted by the shutdowns, so if you feel compelled to support us with a donation for this class, you can do that via the link here. However, there is no obligation nor expectation for you to have to pay for this class.

The cooking class will take place at the same time it would have originally:
6:30pm on Wednesday, March 18, just via this link instead:

Join Chef Audrey for an evening of learning how to use food to help you gently detox and support your liver and kidneys. Detoxification is a great thing to think about as spring is upon us and it’s (apparently) time for a hard reset! We’re rolling with it and making foods that support the process of clearing out the old and getting ready for the new.

Click below to download your class handout with recipes and resources: