AudreyAudrey Barron is the owner and creator of Ezra’s. Audrey became a Certified Raw Food Chef and Instructor at the world renowned Living Light Culinary Institute in 2009. Since then, she has been teaching classes, personal cheffing and offering one-on-one wellness consulting.


One of the unique offerings you will find a Ezra’s is our use of medicinal herbs.  Audrey has been studying herbal healing for many years.  She has apprenticed with Susan Weed and is a certified Tonic Herbalist through Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs, and has worked hands-on with local herbalists in her community.   She is also a Certified Maya Abdominal Therapist with the Arvigo Institute with Rosita Arvigo and has a love for women’s health and natural healing.

After teaching hundreds of classes, giving demonstrations and co-hosting island retreats, Audrey’s recipes have been tested time and again. You will find many Audrey’s tasty creations as staples at Ezra’s.

She adores teaching about the benefits of eating whole, organic & raw food and is always inspired by her students.  Sign up for one of Audrey’s monthly classes at the cafe to experience it for yourself!

Who is Ezra? Ezra is the son of owner, Audrey Barron, and her husband Sam.  For years Audrey wanted to open a truly healthy cafe and when she became pregnant with Ezra, she was inspired to take the leap. Soon after Ezra was born, Audrey began the stages of making Ezra’s Cafe into reality.

Becoming a mother helped Audrey realize that she wanted all people and families who desire to eat healthy to be able to come to the cafe and enjoy truly amazing food that is healing & vibrant. Everyone deserves the right eat food that makes them feel truly AMAZING.


The Ezra’s Crew

Our team is one of the hardest working you will find. We are dedicated to excellence and the highest quality high vibration food possible. We are incredibly blessed to have some of the kindest, funniest, most creative, energetic and talented folks working on our little crew. Our team is why we are able to do what we do at Ezra’s. It all happens because of our amazing Earthlings.