Kale has gotten some great press these past few years.  These days it seems everyone is on the kale train!  And that is awesome because kale is truly a powerhouse of minerals and nutrients ~ all in that dark green unassuming veggie.

Fresh kale from the Ezra’s Farm!

Here are some of the super amazing reasons to eat your kale:

  1. It helps you clean out!  Kale is high in fiber, which helps you stay regular.  Yes, we said it.  Being regular with your number two’s is a great indicator of your body’s system being balanced and working as it should.  Regular consumption of this green veg will help in that department!
  2. Kale supports a healthy heart.  Kale is known to be super amazing for cardiovascular health.  Our heart has a lot of work to do and it never gets a rest so helping it out by eating foods that support healthy blood flow is amazing for not only for your heart but for longevity!
  3. Thanks to being high in Vitamin A, kale is a great supporter of healthy eyes and vision as well as the skin.  Who doesn’t want great vision and glowing skin?!
  4. Kale is super high in Vitamin C, which supports a thriving immune system.  The immune system is the body’s defense for disease and sickness so it’s a super good idea to keep that system bumpin!
  5. Did you know that calorie per calorie, kale has more calcium than milk?  Calcium is super important in helping the bones stay healthy and strong, preventing osteoporosis and maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Okay, so we know the benefits, but eating it can be another story for some.  When you aren’t used to eating kale or dark leafy greens, the flavor can be a little bitter.  The good news is that once you start eating your kale, you might actually start to crave it!  The flavor can become almost sweet after your body get’s used to having kale.  Awesome, right?!

One of our favorite ways to consume and serve kale at the cafe is by massaging it.  If you’ve had or seen our Buddha Bowl, you’ve seen our signature massaged kale 🙂  I came up with our Honey Spiced Kale recipe through trial and error of making kale chips and eating them half way through the dehydration point (a great tip – warm kale chips half way done are amazing and they might not make it all the way to chips due to constant snacking!).

Why massage your kale?

Massaging your kale helps the cell wall to break down, making it easier to digest and for the body to obtain the amazing minerals and nutrients.  It also makes it easier to chew and overall just makes for a pleasurable eating experience.

How to massage your kale:

  • Strip your kale!  (that means take it off of the stem).  Now add to your bowl
  • Add your dressing – we like to add olive oil, local honey, sea salt and a pinch of cayenne to ours!
  • Now, massage with your hands, getting your dressing over all of the kale.  You will notice your kale gets dark green and will end up taking up half the room in the bowl – almost as if it had been steamed 🙂
  • And there you have it!  Your kale will be super relaxed.  And we are what we eat, so munch on that kale and chill mon!

*** Check out Ben on our Instagram page massaging our signature Honey Spiced Kale for the Buddha Bowl ***

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon!


Chef Audrey

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