In the Spring of 2016 we started our small farm just minutes from our cafe.  The unique part about our farm is that it is located on 6 acres of wooded land, so we have beautiful wildlife, a creek and even a quaint farm house.  

We are learning as we go and excited for our second year.  All of our produce grown is not only organic, but heirloom.  We are also growing a large variety of herbs and keep bees on the property as well.

Growing Sustainably

We are happy to say that we are growing from only organic and heirloom seeds on the farm. As much as possible, we use the wood and plants from our surrounding woods for building structures, seating, etc.  In the summer of 2016 we even build a cob stove on the property from the clay on the land!  We look forward to many farm dinners to come using this stove.

We also are growing a large variety of organic fruit trees and bushes.

Sacred Water Use

We collect rain water to supplement the watering of the farm by our filtered well. Water is a precious thing and we honor it by only using the water we need.

Composting & Building Soil

Ezras composts ALL of our kitchen scraps, which is A LOT! Because we deal with only plants and we juice (which creates veggie pulp) we have an abundance of plant material. This is GOLD which is composted at the farm to help build up our soil every year. The farming we do is building the soil and it’s nutrients, which means the produce grown on our land is also rich in nutrients!  This is contrary to much of the farming that we have been accustomed to, which often strips the land of its precious nutrients, minerals and microorganisms. Soil is life. We protect and honor it.

For the Community

Our intention for this farm above growing produce and herbs is to offer the opportunity for the community to tour the gardens and to offer classes on sustainable gardening and farming and beyond.  In 2016 we held 6 classes and look forward to many more in 2017.

Farm Volunteer Opportunity

Our farm is surrounded by 6 acres of wooded land. If the idea of spending some time in the fresh air, moving your body, being close to nature, learning about sustainable organic farming and helping us serve the community vibrant food, this could be a perfect opportunity for you!

Contact us at [email protected] for questions or to let us know you would like to help.

Ezras Farm Poster