When you eat well, you live well. We’re here to help you enlighten your plate!

Ezra’s Café was founded to be an oasis of wellbeing for those who eat with us and our membership is no different. The Enlighten Your Plate Membership was created to make plant-based eating more affordable and convenient for our customers.

We know that following a plant-based, organic, non-GMO, and/or gluten-free lifestyle is not easy in this city and beyond. It takes time, money, extra effort, and can even complicate your social life! That’s why Ezra’s Cafe exists, and why we’re creating more offerings for those who want to further use us as a resource.

Enjoy food that prevents disease, deeply nourishes, and tastes amazing at a fraction of the cost it would take to make it yourself, and receive access to herbal products that will help you along your journey to wellness. Also stay plugged in to the weekly grocery emails to receive occasional videos and recipe resources to use as tools for a more connected lifestyle.

Benefits you’ll enjoy as an EYP member:

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    Café Discounts

    UNLIMITED café discounts on juices, smoothies, herbal tonics, and our monthly cooking classes

    • $1 off smoothies, smoothie bowls, and juices

    • $1 off Buddha Bowls

    • $2 off Herbal Tonic Lattes

    • $10 off monthly cooking class

  • Herbal Apothecary Discounts

    UNLIMITED 15% off all retail herbs, including Bluebird CBD!

    • Dragon Herbs

    • Jing Herbs

    • Dr. Singha’s Therapeutics

    • Enlightened Herbals

    • Wildflower Ridge Honey products

    • E3 Live products

    We only stock the best brands and herbs — all of the products in our apothecary are ones that Chef Audrey has tried, tested, and uses in her daily life or in recipes at the café.

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    Wellness Grocery Program

    You’ll be able to order weekly groceries, such as our house-made milks, cheezes, breads, bagels, falafels, soups and more at affordable members-only prices.

Join the tribe for just $9.99/month ~ receive all of the above and more

The Enlighten Your Plate Membership is perfect for you if ...