Where have you been all my life!?? Why am I just now discovering this little gem!?? I need answers. 

So after someone on IG posted a smoothie, I clicked the tag to because that’s why we tag places, right?? 

Vegan (check), Close by in broad ripple (check), cooking classes, WHAT!? Who is this cute little place that has me way too pumped? 

Saturday, I was so excited to go to Ezras for brunch I went by myself. I could NOT decide what to order. So I got the fiesta salad, raw pizza and key lime cheesecake. OMG. I’m usually a chocolate girl but this may very well be a new fav dessert. The salad was delicious- cheesy kale? Who knew! The pizza was really good too! I tried to get back in line for another slice of cake but by then it was out the door! 

I only wish I discovered this place sooner!! 

Oh, and I’ve signed up for July’s cooking class and to volunteer on the farm!! This place feeds my soul 🙂 – – – Yelp review July 2018