Customer and owner of Body Sculpture in Indianapolis tried two months of our Enlightened Meal Plan. This is what he had to say:

“After taking part in the Enlightened Meal Plan, I realized I was eating way too much food in the past. By eating less and more nutrient dense foods, it was fantastic for me and made me feel great.

Allowing myself to enjoy this plant based program, helped me realize that I can really nourish myself on a plant based diet and feel really great. I don’t need the chicken, fish and turkey like I used to think I did.

It’s not that I had more energy after eating this program but I would say I have more AVAILABILITY AND USE of the energy my body creates. My body wasn’t spending so much time digesting animal products and highly processed foods and it felt great.

I liked the simplicity of the program. The meals and drinks were labeled for me with the times and I followed that schedule closely.

I like the variety of foods on the program. It was well balanced.

I went to eating about 12% fiber in a day to maybe 70% fiber per day through all the vegetables I was taking in on the program. It helped my body release so much. I LOST WEIGHT AND I AM SLEEPING BETTER.

Audrey met with me at the beginning and treated me like an individual and didn’t try to fit me into their mold. Audrey gave me references for books and resources to help me further my journey.

As a person who is an athlete and a fitness trainer, I feel this program is great for people with major fitness and athletic goals.

Doing this meal plan was a LIFE CHANGING event for me.”