I am not a vegetarian or vegan but do enjoy having healthier options on a menu that go beyond a basic salad so I’ve been jonesing to try Ezra’s for awhile now. 

The restaurant itself is super cute! The enclosed patio is heated so even if you go on a 30 degree day like we did you can still enjoy it and feel like you’re eating outside. 

Looking at the menu initially seemed like reading a foreign language since I do not frequent any similar establishments but after reading all of the reviews on the Buddha Bowl I decided to go for it. It was SO. GOOD. In addition to the beautiful presentation, the many ingredients worked wonderfully together and tasted light while being super filling. I thought the price ($12) was super reasonable for the amount of food I received and was unable to finish it – although my husband was more than happy to help me out with that. We finished by splitting the Hazlenut Chocolate Cake which was also great. A lot of other people around us had smoothies which looked great and I most definitely will be returning to try one soon!

Even if you are not super comfortable/familiar with the vegan/veggie/superfood restaurant genre I highly recommend Ezra’s! – – – Yelp review March 2018