Spring cleaning! Our bodies need one too, guys! It’s time that I write reviews for my top recommend places in Indy. When people ask me, ‘where’s a good place to grab lunch?’, this is always at the top of my list. Always! Ezra’s is an establishment that makes Indy look good…a bit more progressive. When my niece was in hospital for two weeks, and was craving sweet treats, I wouldn’t dare bring her junk to satisfy her craving, Ezra’s is where I went. Food as medicine. Whole, real food is what keeps us alive. Processed junk food is what kills us. Ezra’s definitely promotes life. It’s wholesome, it’s healing, it’s simple, it’s honest and it’s damn good. Don’t be afraid of real food, it’s what our bodies are designed to eat, and if you believe this and haven’t been to Ezra’s, this place should be at the top of your list, too. If, however, your idea of “food” is Fruity Pebbles, pork rinds, onion rings and canned ravioli, Ezra’s should DEFINITELY be at the top your list. Slainte! – – – Yelp review March 2018