This place is delicious!  Their hours cater to the late breakfast and lunch crowd, so with that being said, if you’re the type who likes to eat on a whim late afternoon or night, you might need to plan ahead.

I ordered the Green Goddess Juice and Buddha Bowl.  Both were fantastic and you could just taste the freshness.  The line was a little long when we made it there, and there wasn’t an abundance of places to sit.  I’m happy we stuck it out and ordered our lunch because it was well worth the wait and tight seating arrangements.  

I am not 100% vegan or vegetarian.  I often times find vegetables and non-animal proteins very tasty and they are usually my choice of food.  I will say, if you’re a full out carnivore, I still think this place is worth checking out. It is just so DELICIOUS! – – – Yelp review March 2018

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Jamie H.I will say, if you're a full out carnivore, I still think this place is worth checking out. It is just so DELICIOUS!

I am not a vegetarian or vegan but do enjoy having healthier options on a menu that go beyond a basic salad so I’ve been jonesing to try Ezra’s for awhile now. 

The restaurant itself is super cute! The enclosed patio is heated so even if you go on a 30 degree day like we did you can still enjoy it and feel like you’re eating outside. 

Looking at the menu initially seemed like reading a foreign language since I do not frequent any similar establishments but after reading all of the reviews on the Buddha Bowl I decided to go for it. It was SO. GOOD. In addition to the beautiful presentation, the many ingredients worked wonderfully together and tasted light while being super filling. I thought the price ($12) was super reasonable for the amount of food I received and was unable to finish it – although my husband was more than happy to help me out with that. We finished by splitting the Hazlenut Chocolate Cake which was also great. A lot of other people around us had smoothies which looked great and I most definitely will be returning to try one soon!

Even if you are not super comfortable/familiar with the vegan/veggie/superfood restaurant genre I highly recommend Ezra’s! – – – Yelp review March 2018

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Hannah Z.Even if you are not super comfortable/familiar with the vegan/veggie/superfood restaurant genre I highly recommend Ezra's!

Spring cleaning! Our bodies need one too, guys! It’s time that I write reviews for my top recommend places in Indy. When people ask me, ‘where’s a good place to grab lunch?’, this is always at the top of my list. Always! Ezra’s is an establishment that makes Indy look good…a bit more progressive. When my niece was in hospital for two weeks, and was craving sweet treats, I wouldn’t dare bring her junk to satisfy her craving, Ezra’s is where I went. Food as medicine. Whole, real food is what keeps us alive. Processed junk food is what kills us. Ezra’s definitely promotes life. It’s wholesome, it’s healing, it’s simple, it’s honest and it’s damn good. Don’t be afraid of real food, it’s what our bodies are designed to eat, and if you believe this and haven’t been to Ezra’s, this place should be at the top of your list, too. If, however, your idea of “food” is Fruity Pebbles, pork rinds, onion rings and canned ravioli, Ezra’s should DEFINITELY be at the top your list. Slainte! – – – Yelp review March 2018

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Amanda P.Ezra's definitely promotes life. It's wholesome, it's healing.

This is a hidden gem in the Broad Ripple Village. They have amazing ingredients that are ethically sourced and do their best to be a good impact on the world around them. I’ve had their iced coffee, coconut lime bowl, and soup/salad combo – all of which were wonderful and left me feeling nourished and energized. They have a variety of options covering lunch, breakfast, savory, sweet, etc. The atmosphere is so welcoming and quaint! I can’t wait to go back! – – – Yelp review June 2018

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Valerie P.The atmosphere is so welcoming and quaint!

I visited Ezra’s this afternoon and asked for a custom wellness shot made of lemon, ginger, and cayenne that is not on the daily juice menu.  The super laid back friendly staff took their time to understand exactly what I was requesting and created a super tasty juice shot.  I will def be coming back!  Thank you Ezra’s! – – – Yelp review July 2018

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Jill M.The super laid back friendly staff too their time to understand exactly what I was requesting.

Where have you been all my life!?? Why am I just now discovering this little gem!?? I need answers. 

So after someone on IG posted a smoothie, I clicked the tag to because that’s why we tag places, right?? 

Vegan (check), Close by in broad ripple (check), cooking classes, WHAT!? Who is this cute little place that has me way too pumped? 

Saturday, I was so excited to go to Ezras for brunch I went by myself. I could NOT decide what to order. So I got the fiesta salad, raw pizza and key lime cheesecake. OMG. I’m usually a chocolate girl but this may very well be a new fav dessert. The salad was delicious- cheesy kale? Who knew! The pizza was really good too! I tried to get back in line for another slice of cake but by then it was out the door! 

I only wish I discovered this place sooner!! 

Oh, and I’ve signed up for July’s cooking class and to volunteer on the farm!! This place feeds my soul 🙂 – – – Yelp review July 2018

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Tiffany C.Where have you been all my life!??

Can’t believe that I’ve missed out on this gem! Small and quaint with vegan and other healthy options all wrapped up in a cozy and welcoming environment! – – – Yelp review November 2018

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Shelley L.Can't believe that I've missed out on this gem!

Best restaurant in the area for vegan/healthy options. The menu has dishes you can’t find anywhere else. A ton of options to choose from whether you are in the mood for sweet, savory, smoothies, or just a snack, etc. My favorite is the Buddha bowl and sweet potato bowl. My boyfriend loves the nacho mamas bean bowl. I always have to grab a dessert because they are so tasty! Staff is always friendly and helpful. I come here 2-3x a week because it’s that good. May be a bit pricey but you are getting what you pay for. Vegan, organic, and raw. All vegetables come from their own farm! – – – Yelp review November 2018

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Mariah W.Best restaurant in the area for vegan/healthy options.

The CBD brownie is to die for. And the turmeric immune booster shot is a holy grail! I looooove this place!!! – – – Yelp review December 2018

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Monica B.The CBD brownie is to die for.

Customer and owner of Body Sculpture in Indianapolis tried two months of our Enlightened Meal Plan. This is what he had to say:

“After taking part in the Enlightened Meal Plan, I realized I was eating way too much food in the past. By eating less and more nutrient dense foods, it was fantastic for me and made me feel great.

Allowing myself to enjoy this plant based program, helped me realize that I can really nourish myself on a plant based diet and feel really great. I don’t need the chicken, fish and turkey like I used to think I did.

It’s not that I had more energy after eating this program but I would say I have more AVAILABILITY AND USE of the energy my body creates. My body wasn’t spending so much time digesting animal products and highly processed foods and it felt great.

I liked the simplicity of the program. The meals and drinks were labeled for me with the times and I followed that schedule closely.

I like the variety of foods on the program. It was well balanced.

I went to eating about 12% fiber in a day to maybe 70% fiber per day through all the vegetables I was taking in on the program. It helped my body release so much. I LOST WEIGHT AND I AM SLEEPING BETTER.

Audrey met with me at the beginning and treated me like an individual and didn’t try to fit me into their mold. Audrey gave me references for books and resources to help me further my journey.

As a person who is an athlete and a fitness trainer, I feel this program is great for people with major fitness and athletic goals.

Doing this meal plan was a LIFE CHANGING event for me.”

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JodyI like the variety of food on the meal program - it was well balanced.