By Evan Folger


There’s nothing easy about being a nearly 100% scratch-made kitchen. But, as they say, nothing worth doing is ever easy. So what motivates us to spend to hours in the morning hand-pouring, stirring, blending and chopping instead of simply buying gluten-free doughs, vegan sauces, dressings and organic vegetable stocks? It boils down to providing the absolute healthiest and most vibrant foods possible. When we create our items from scratch, we have control over the entire process. This is the only possible way to ensure that only the purest, freshest, cleanest ingredients are put into the food that our customers eat at our cafe. And that’s what matters most to us.



What exactly are we avoiding when we choose not to purchase pre-mixed ingredients from large vendors? Let’s take gluten free doughs for example. Most doughs that don’t contain gluten, opt for a traditional flour substitute such as rice flour, which has very little nutritional benefit. They then typically add in preservatives with names of chemicals that are unpronounceable to most of us. This is not to say that these chemicals will automatically cause health problems, but you’re certainly putting your health in the hands of their companies when you eat them… companies that typically prioritize profits over consumers’ well-being.  And the same goes for bottled sauces, dressings and so on.  Chemicals accumulate over time in your tissues and contribute to chronic disease and inflammation.  You wouldn’t put a capsule of powder of a chemical that you don’t understand into a glass of water and drink it, would you? That’s exactly why control over our food is so important to us, from start to finish.


Another reason that we will always serve our food made from scratch is to ensure that our food is not only gluten free, but vegan (we do use local sustainable honey in some dishes) and organic as well. We strive to be as close to 100% organic as we can.  As of right now our avocados are the one non-organic item we use.  We know that finding an eatery that fits all three criteria can be hard to find.  This is why we do what we do.


Come in and taste the difference for yourself, and you’ll experience why we always have, always are, and always will make our entrees, salads, juices, smoothies, soups, granolas, and desserts, and everything else from scratch and with love.


We hope to see you soon!


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